Update (June 8th, 2020)


We’re DOWN but not OUT !! :)


Like so many other businesses, we have taken a serious hit. However, we’ve been growing Mimi’s since 2005 so our fists are up and we refuse to go down!!  Seriously though, we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful customers and consignors; we wholeheartedly appreciate your continued support and understanding as we resume business.

Our plan is to reopen Mimi’s on Saturday, June 13th. We will start with limited hours and capacity.


Hours will be: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – 11am to 5pm.


The following guidelines will be in place for everyone’s wellbeing:



2.      We have hand sanitizing stations at the entrance and check-out counter. Please use them.

3.      We will limit occupancy to no more than 15 people in the store.

4.      When possible, please adhere to the 6’ social distancing guidelines.

5.      Fitting rooms and restroom will be closed.

6.      No reusable bags for the time being.

7.      Consignment will still be accepted by appointment (continue reading below).



To our consignors with items in the store:


If you currently have items in the store, you will have time to pick them up.  I will not donate anything that was consigned this year (January 2020 and after) or “white ticket” items.  When the shop does reopen, bear in mind that almost everything will be half price. Although you will receive your normal (percentage) commission, the (dollar) amount will likely be less than when we were operating pre-Covid-19. As much as I would like to put items back to their starting prices, it is not possible; I would need to re-ticket every item, which is approximately 4000 + .


New guidelines for consigning:


For those of you who had appointments from March 19th - June 30th I apologize but I will not be able to reschedule you for spring or summer. My plan is to give you priority for fall.


We do not have a “call date” to book for fall.


I will start calling consignors (who had cancelled appointments) to reschedule a time.  Please note, it is not likely I can fit everyone in right away so please be patient. Even if you had an appointment, I cannot guarantee I will be able to give you a fall appointment. It will depend on how well sales are during the first couple of months after we reopen.  (SO, PLEASE COME SHOP!! :) … It makes room for new stuff!!)


Consignment items will need to be brought in a tote (with your name on it) and neatly folded (no hangers or bags). You will need to leave your tote with us and either wait in your car or you can browse the shop (basically, no standing at the counter during inspection of items) – I will take up to 15 items from each consignor but do not bring more than 25 items for inspection. I will not look at more than 25, so please be considerate and pre-check and sort out your best items before arriving at the shop.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call the shop and leave a message


Thank you for your continued support – We miss all of your smiling faces very much!! Be well and stay safe.

Cindy, Sue, Laurie and Charlene.




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