Update from Mimi's Consignment Announcement Email

Greetings Everyone,

Although closing the shop is not pleasant for us at all, for many reasons, we do know it is the absolute best thing to do for the sake of everyone’s well-being and we hope you are all doing your part to help the country (and the world) end this nightmare as soon as possible. We hope you are all healthy and safe!

NOW… down to business!

Obviously our consignment policies and procedures were not designed for a two month shutdown. I do not have all the details on how we will handle the selling of consigned goods that are already in the shop but rest assured, nothing will be donated or disposed of until further notice. Everyone will have an opportunity to claim their items once we are up and running again.

For those of you who had appointments from March 19th on (until this is over) I apologize but it is not likely I will be able to reschedule you for spring or summer. My plan is to give those consignors priority for fall. Please be patient while we try to figure out this part of the business.

SO, since I have had a little time on my hands, I’ve been setting up an online store. My, not-so-much, tech-savvy self has managed to get MimisResale.com up and running. There is a very tiny percentage of items, from the shop, which are up for sale, but check back often because I’ll be adding new things daily.

There you have it!! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call the shop and leave a message. I pick up messages every couple of days and will respond as needed.

Thank you all for your continued support – Be well and stay safe.

Cindy, Sue, Laurie and Charlene.

Shop online at MimisResale.com


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